If you are conducting research at HU and your research involves people, you need to get IRB approval. Huntington University is committed to the protection of the rights and welfare of human subjects in all research, class projects and related activities.  The Institutional Review Board (IRB) upholds the standards of The Federal Regulations Title 45, Code of Federal Regulations, Part 46.  These standards can be found at: www.hhs.gov/ohrp/assurances/irb/index.html

Using these standards as a guide the IRB will seek to:

  1. Ensure the protection of human subjects involved in research projects carried out by faculty, staff, and students at Huntington University.
  2. Evaluate both risks and benefits of research.
  3. Ensure that research conducted by HU faculty, staff, and students meets the standards required by governmental agencies, thereby protecting researchers and the institution.

The Board’s only interest is protecting the safety, welfare, and rights of human research subjects.  Research methodology will not be evaluated so long as it does not impact risk and ethical issues.  Approval from this Board is not an endorsement of the research techniques, results, or conclusions drawn from the research.

Certain Types of research are exempt from IRB review.  For a complete list, see the Code of Federal Regulations Title 45, part 46.101 (b).  The following represent some of the more common types of EXEMPT research:

1. Surveys, educational tests (cognitive, diagnostic, aptitude), or interviews involving participants 18 years or older.

2. Research on regular or special education instructional strategies that are conducted in a commonly accepted educational setting.

3. Observation of public behavior as long as no identifiers (names) are associated with the observations.

If you think your research is exempt from IRB review, you must submit an “Exempt status” application.  If your research is not exempt, you must submit an “IRB Review” application. 

All applications should be submitted to:

Mike Rowley Ph.D.
Dept. of Communication
Huntington University
2303 College Ave.
Huntington IN  46750
(260) 359-4277


Institutional Review Board committee members: 

Dr. Mike Rowley, Chair
Dr. Jeanne Sowers
Ms. Wendy Speakman
Dr. Brenda Prosser
Dr. Jennifer Murriithi
Ms. Carol Trice (outside member)



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