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4/13/2022 5:00:00 PM

The Department of History and Political Science at Huntington University has announced that Aaron Hendryx is the winner of the fall 2021 Jack P. Barlow, Sr., History Book Prize. Hendryx is from Huntington, Indiana, and is pursuing a bachelor’s degree with two majors, history and political science. He intends to graduate in May, 2022 and plans to pursue a career in the legal profession.

The award is given to an outstanding student in the department’s advanced research seminar. Hendryx’s award-winning performance was recognized by course instructor Dr. Jeffrey Webb, professor of history at Huntington University.

“Aaron worked incredibly hard to understand a complex subject — contemporary American politics — and his work testifies to a commitment to perform consistently at the highest level of his ability,” said Webb. “He’s respected by peers and faculty for his thorough preparation and critical engagement with his studies.”

The Jack P. Barlow, Sr., Book Prize honors the memory of Professor Barlow, who served for over three decades as professor of American history at Huntington University, and carries a cash award. It is funded by the Ron Frank Fund, which rewards academic achievement and student participation at professional academic conferences. The fund was established in 1973 in honor of Ron Frank, who passed away unexpectedly in the spring semester of his senior year at Huntington University.

4/12/2022 9:13:00 AM

Huntington University welcomes Darby Maggard to the Forester Family as the new head coach of the Forester women’s basketball team.

“I am incredibly excited to be the next head coach at Huntington University,” said Maggard. “Huntington lines up with everything I believe in and have a deep passion for. I’d like to thank Dr. Emberton and the committee for believing in me. I’d also like to thank Lori Culler for the positive culture that she has created and the solid foundation of Christ that she has built this program on. This truly a dream come true for me, and I can’t wait to get started.”

Maggard played two seasons of professional basketball prior to being named assistant coach at the University of Tennessee at Martin. As assistant coach, she was responsible for recruitment, player development and game preparation.

“We are thrilled to have Darby join our coaching staff. Many may be familiar with the outstanding career she had just up the road at Canterbury, but success has followed her everywhere she’s landed. Her experience playing overseas as well as playing and coaching at the DI level has laid a great foundation for her to begin to build her own program,” said Lori Culler, athletic director at Huntington University. “She is a very competitive and energetic person who has gotten where she’s at through hard work, discipline and dedication, all traits that she will instill in her athletes.”

The Northeast Indiana native holds a Bachelor of Science degree in psychology with a minor in sport administration from Belmont University and an MBA from the University of Tennessee. Maggard, who owns Belmont’s career three-point field goal percentage (43.1) and free-throw percentage (92.4), is a four-time OVC Tournament Champion with four NCAA Tournament appearances, and she made NCAA history by making 430 threes and 650 assists in her career. She is the 2019 State Farm College 3-Point Championship winner and became one of the most decorated Bruins to ever don a Belmont jersey. She is an AP All-American (2019) and was the 2021 OVC regular season champion as a GA.  

Beyond her experience on the court, Maggard believes that for the Foresters, players should focus on faith first, life skills second and basketball third.

“It is what she offers beyond the Xs and Os that makes her the right fit for HU,” said Culler. “Her love of the Lord and her desire to have those around her share that same passion is an important part of who she is, and I know it’s a big part of what excites her the most about the opportunity to coach her own team. The future of HU women’s basketball is very bright.”

4/12/2022 9:08:00 AM

Huntington University’s Indiana Beta Chapter of the Alpha Chi National College Honor Society garnered awards for student scholarship at the Alpha Chi National Convention held in Austin, Texas, on March 24-26. The chapter has received recognition as a Star Chapter of Alpha Chi for 2020-2021, one of only two out of the more than 300 Alpha Chi chapters to have received this award every year since the honor was launched in 1996. 

Erika James, a history and political science major from Huntington, Indiana, and student president of the Huntington University chapter, won a regional fellowship and a national fellowship for her paper “The Shadow Docket: Leaving Americans and Courts Under a Veil of Ignorance.” She plans to make good use the fellowship funds in law school next year.

James was accompanied to the Convention by two Huntington University faculty sponsors. Dr. Tanner Babb, associate professor of psychology and associate academic dean, was elected as a regional president to replace Dr. Ruth Nalliah, professor of chemistry, as her term as regional president expired. Babb also serves as an editor of the organization’s scholarly journal, Aletheia.

“After two years of not being able to attend the Convention in person due to the pandemic, it was a joy to be able to accompany a student to the Convention, and especially to see her scholarship rewarded on the national level,” said Nalliah. “Huntington University students do very well in garnering both regional and national awards for their academic work.”

Election to Alpha Chi is the highest academic honor at Huntington University.

4/11/2022 4:36:00 PM

Huntington University is pleased to announce the faculty appointments for the Luke J. Peters Chair in the Arts and Sciences and the Edwina Patton Chair in the Arts and Sciences. Dr. Tim Smith, professor of history, has been named the Edwina Patton Chair in the Arts and Sciences. Dr. Tom Bergler, professor of Christian thought and practice, has been named the Luke J. Peters Chair in the Arts and Sciences.

These endowed chairs were established to recognize the significant talents, accomplishments and leadership of members of the Huntington University faculty and to support them in their teaching and research. Appointment to the chairs is a three-year award, carrying a reduced teaching load and annual professional development funds of $5,000 per year.

“It is an honor to be recognized by Huntington University with this award. The previous holders of the Edwin Patton Chair are all exemplary HU scholars, and it is incredibly humbling to be considered worthy for inclusion amongst their number,” said Smith. “I intend to use the award to further my research into Cambodian and Kashmiri statecraft and use this as a foundation for producing my fifth book.”

Bergler also intends to focus on writing, stating that this is “an opportunity to put more time and energy into researching topics that I’m interested in, so I plan to research and complete writing a book on Generation Z and spiritual growth, spiritual formation, among generation Z… It’s a great honor to be offered this; it means that my colleagues and the university have recognized me as someone that they want to provide extra time to do research that will be a benefit to the university and to the church and to society.”

Dr. Luke Fetters, vice president for academic affairs and dean of faculty, stated that “Dr. Smith and Dr. Bergler were recommended by peers within the faculty because of their outstanding scholarship which contributes to the academic reputation of Huntington University. Both of them have published numerous books and journal articles in their respective disciplines.  I’m excited that their selection for an endowed chair will provide time and funding for them to continue research and scholarly publication.”

4/11/2022 12:50:00 PM

“Basketball has been my life for as long as I can remember. I grew up in a college basketball locker room, and my life has revolved around the constant pursuit of winning basketball games.”

As a member of the Sam Alford and Steve Alford lineage, Kory Alford has basketball in his blood. Clearly, being around the world of basketball since he could walk — and likely well before that — has made an impact. At not even 30 years old, Kory is the head basketball coach of the Huntington University Forester men’s’ basketball team. And he isn’t just a coach: He’s a winning coach.

In his first season (2020-2021), Kory led the Foresters to a 16-11 record, which proved the program's best winning percentage in eight seasons. Three of those 16 wins came against top 25 opponents. Additionally, HU was the 9th most efficient offensive team in the country and led the nation in assist/turnover ratio. In his second season, the Foresters finished with an overall record of 23-11, which was the most wins in a season since the 2013-14 season. The Foresters went on to the NAIA national tournament for the first time since 2014, beating the No. 5 seeded Georgetown Tigers 80-69. This was their first National Tournament win since 2006 and it was also the biggest upset of the first round in the 2022 National Tournament. Additionally, this season included the Foresters beating four top 25 teams, winning nine road games, and winning 10 conference games.

So how do you go from being a kid on the sidelines watching your former NBA player and Olympic Gold medalist father coach teams across the country to being the head coach of your own team, rapidly leading them toward success?

Kory credits it to the love of the game and a family that has hoops in its blood.

“I am blessed to have grown up in a family with such a legacy, and I have learned so much from my dad and grandpa throughout my life,” said Kory. “I have two great mentors that I can reach out to no matter what circumstances I may be facing as a coach, and I know that they will have advice based on their personal experiences.”

And to reach out to either mentor, Kory doesn’t have to reach far. Both Steve, his father, and Sam, his grandfather, watch his career closely.

“Kory is quite easy to admire, as he is certainly an individual that thinks before he acts. I am very proud of not only his basketball knowledge but the way he puts it to use,” said Sam, a member of the Basketball Hall of Fame, inducted in 2002.

Steve, too, enjoys watching Kory’s career: “One of those blessings to our family is seeing Kory start his coaching career at a Christian University like Huntington. Kory loves the University and all that it stands for. It has been so good to see my son both growing in his faith as well as growing as a coach and making an impact on young men.”

That impact is part of what continues to draw Kory to keep coaching. When reflecting on his first few seasons with the Foresters, he was quick to point out that “the great thing about college basketball is the many life lessons that are taught throughout the season. Every year provides a new opportunity for a group of people to come together and work towards a shared goal. As a coach, I understand the impact that I can have on these young men, and it is my job to develop them so they are ready to enter the world once they leave Huntington University.”

And his impact on his team has been tangible. Not only are they growing stronger mentally and spiritually, but Kory is building his team up physically as well. The Foresters had a great offseason on the court and in the weight room. Kory knew, however, that his team had to mature a bit physically, so he pushed them toward a focused approach to development.

“Having the same guys in our system for a second straight year and then adding some freshmen to the mix allowed us to improve in many different areas,” said Kory of his roster. “We ranked 8th in the Crossroads League in defensive efficiency in 2020-2021 and were able to improve to 3rd in 2021-2022. That is a huge jump and a big reason why we were able to win more games.”

Winning more games is, of course, the goal for the Foresters next season, but Kory and his staff of coaches aren’t taking a break during this off season; instead, they are focused on recruiting, because, as Kory puts it, “every offseason provides great opportunity for improvement as a team and as a coaching staff. Recruiting is the backbone of every basketball program, and my staff does a great job identifying the top talent throughout the country that we think would fit what we are building here at Huntington.”

Indiana has a love affair with the game of basketball that is quite unique, and for Kory to be able to coach in this state where his dad and grandpa were able to accomplish so many great things is truly special. He is the first to admit that it provides a challenge that excites him.

Is he up to the challenge? Sam and Steve certainly think so.

“After forty years of coaching,” said Sam, “I have learned to be careful predicting. The outlook [for the Foresters] is promising, but how hard they learn and work is the answer.”

Steve, too, isn’t going to make a prediction, but he believes that “Kory, his staff, and team have done an outstanding job of building a winning culture, and I believe that will only continue next season.”

When you look at the numbers, it appears that as long as there is an Alford in Indiana, Hoosier — and, more specifically, Forester — basketball will remain strong.

See for yourself by tuning in to the Forester basketball 2022-2023 season at

4/11/2022 12:35:00 PM

Huntington University Arizona is pleased to announce that Katelyn Chill was awarded a Student Bronze ADDY Award for her restaurant brand guide for Nick's Restaurant at the 2022 American Advertising Awards. The awards event took place at the Phoenix Ad Club at the Orpheum Theatre on Thursday, March 10. Chill is a junior graphic design major.

“Katelyn’s project was a solo production, while her competition was student ad agencies and groups. To receive one of the top honors in the category is truly an achievement,” said Jeff Del Nero, assistant professor of visual art and graphic design at Huntington University Arizona.

Huntington University Arizona opened its doors in 2016, welcoming students seeking a degree in digital media arts. Since that time, students have created regionally and nationally awarded work, including ADDY awards, BEA Best of Fest awards, and Emmy Student Production Awards. The 30,000-square-foot building houses bachelor’s degree programs in animation, film production, broadcast media, and graphic design. The facility features film and TV studios, high-end computer classroom/labs, private editing suites, a state-of-the-art TV control room, a Foley pit, a host of EFP and cinema cameras, and lighting gear for student production work. 

4/5/2022 1:31:00 PM

Zachariah Lail, a junior psychology major at Huntington University, has accepted a paid research internship with the Fulbright Program in Toronto, Canada, for the summer of 2022.

“It’s exciting being able to be the initiator of an entire research project, being able to watch the process of it going from nothing to something, seeing it expand and grow into something substantial and that I can actually present,” Lail said about the Program’s opportunities.

During his grant experience, Lail, like all Fulbrighters, will meet, work, live with and learn from the people of his host country, sharing daily experiences.  His responsibilities this summer will consist of assistance in the lab, data analysis and co-authoring research papers.

“Zach has always been an ambitious student,” said Dr. Becky Benjamin, associate professor of psychology at Huntington University. “This past year I’ve seen him show skills needed to lead a project. For this work, you have to be flexible and willing to compromise while also having a vision and taking initiative. Zach doesn’t just wait for people to tell him what to do. He wants to learn and takes the opportunities to do that. I think these are the qualities that make him a good fit for the Fulbright internship.”

Since its inception in 1946, the Fulbright Program has provided more than 400,000 students, scholars, teachers, artists and other professionals — chosen for their academic merit and leadership potential — with the opportunity to forge lasting connections, counter misunderstandings and help people and nations work together toward common goals. The Fulbright Program is funded by an annual appropriation from the U.S. Congress to the U.S. Department of State, and it is managed, coordinated, and overseen by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. Participating governments and host institutions, corporations and foundations in more than 160 countries and the United States also provide direct and indirect support.

3/31/2022 2:29:00 PM

You’re invited to join the Green Ribbon Committee and Huntington University for a tailgating weekend, the first event of the Summer Series season.

Kicking off on Friday, April 8 at 3:00 p.m. in the parking lot of the PLEX, the Green Ribbon Committee will provide pulled pork sandwiches from Nick's Kitchen, hot dogs, free drinks and door prizes during the Forester softball team’s doubleheader against the University of Saint Francis Cougars. Then on Saturday, April 9, the committee will be at it again with a tailgating party at Forest Glen Park while cheering on the Forester baseball team in a doubleheader against the Indiana Wesleyan University Wildcats.

“We know it’s not summer quite yet, but we’re kicking off the Summer Series season right with a free tailgating event for the community,” said Kay Schwob, senior director of development at Huntington University. “For both baseball and softball, these games are some of the last home games of the season, and we want a crowd there to cheer them on!”

All of the tailgating events are free and open to the public. Contact Kay Schwob for more information: or (260) 359-4382

The tailgating is sponsored by First Federal Savings Bank, Edward Jones – Jim Scheiber, HRG Law, and Dr. Sherilyn Emberton.

3/28/2022 12:09:00 PM

Huntington University was well represented at the Fort Wayne chapter of the American Advertising Federation (Ad Fed) 2022 Advertising Honors on March 19, 2022. Projects from HU students and faculty received a total of 24 Student Awards — 18 awards for the Department of Digital Media Arts and 6 awards for the Department of Art & Design — and four Professional Awards.

“What an exciting night to see our students receiving so many awards,” said Dr. Lance Clark, professor of digital media arts and dean of the arts. “It just showcases what outstanding students and faculty that we in our graphic design, film and TV production, and animation programs at HU.”

DMA student awards include

Hannah Schonfeld:
Gold in Collateral Material: Publication Design for “Tib: A Maubbit’s Adventure”
Chloe Jacobson-Eitniear, Sean Eitniear:
Gold in Non-Traditional Advertising for “Cupidella and the Rainbow”
Carrie Runyan:
Gold in Video: Gaming for “Forest Gnome Environmental Buildings”
Jonathan Nelson:
Gold in Video: Gaming for “Sol Gaia”
Joy Heisey:
Gold in Video: Gaming for “Zora Environment Buildings”
Brandon Myers, Kaitlin (Ace) Yeomans, David Rozema:
Gold in Non-Profit Advertising: Audio/Online/Video for “World Rainforest Day”
Matthew Hyter, Savannah Kern, Austin Hale, Jessica Grogan:
Gold in Non-Profit Advertising: Audio/Online/Video for “World Giraffe Day”
McKenna Parks:
Gold in Self Promotion: Online Video for “Namen Namen”
Austin Hale:
Gold in Elements of Advertising: Illustration for “The Star That Spoke Back”
Nicholas (Nick) Robinson:
Silver in Collateral Material: Publication Design for “Strange Adventures”
Brady Doorn, Kayla Knop:
Silver in Non-Traditional Advertising for “Toho”
Adrien Gentie:
Silver in Video: Internet Commercial for “Baseball is Back”
McKenna Parks:
Silver in Video: Internet Commercial for “HU Horticulture”
Hannah Hanagan:
Silver in Self Promotion: Online Video for “Hannah Hanagan Demo Reel”
Jacob Douglass:
Silver in Self Promotion: Online Video for “Jacob Douglass Demo Reel”
Linus Obenhaus:
Silver in Self Promotion: Online Video for “Linus Obenhaus Demo Reel”
Seth Lechler:
Silver in Elements of Advertising: Illustration for “Froggy Fashionista!”
Mireille Rhodes:
Silver in Elements of Advertising: Cinematography/Special Effects for “Visual Effects Artist, Rotoscope”

Art & Design student awards include

Saige Childs: 
Gold in Collateral Material: Publication Design for “Biblical Scriptural Analysis”
Elijah Hills: 

Gold in Elements of Advertising: Photography for “Blessed Burden”
Silver in Elements of Advertising: Photography for “Insufferable Silence”
Jin Zou: 
Gold in Elements of Advertising: Photography for “Zen”
Carmen Trier: 
Silver in Elements of Advertising: Photography for “Inner Child”
Ani Weitzel: 
Silver in Non-Traditional Advertising for “Welcome In”

Professional awards include 

Forester Film:
Gold in Video: Internet Commercial for “Glenn Frank Trailer Two”
Forester Film:
Gold in Elements of Advertising: Cinematography/Special Effects for “Glenn Frank Music Video”
Forester Film:
Silver in Video: Internet Commercial for “Glenn Frank Trailer One”
Forester Film:
Silver in Video: Campaign for “Glenn Frank”

3/23/2022 12:22:00 PM

Huntington University is pleased to announce the formation of a new position at the University, Assistant Director of Admissions and Transfer Relationships, and introduce the first person to hold the title: Roberta Bailey.

As Assistant Director of Admissions and Transfer Relationships, Bailey will represent Huntington University throughout the process of recruiting, admitting, and matriculating transfer students.

“When I returned to school, I was a transfer and online student,” said Bailey. “My experience was excellent, and now I want to offer that same excellence to others. Often transfer or online students need and want a concierge admissions experience. My background makes it possible for me to offer that.”

Bailey will build relationships with prospective transfer students and influencers at community colleges. Her position serves both the undergraduate and the graduate/online Office of Admissions.

“This position is going to be invaluable to the recruitment process for HU,” said Susanne Watson, director of undergraduate admissions. “Transfer students are an important part of our incoming new class each year, but working with a transfer student through the admission process looks a little different than working with a first-time freshman. Transfer students are looking for something specific; they know what they need from a college experience, and it’s Roberta’s job to bridge the gap for these students and help them find what they are looking for at Huntington.”

Bailey is prepared to do just that, leveraging her Bachelor of Science degree in psychology, her decade of working for social services, and her five years of working as an admissions counselor at Indiana Wesleyan University.

“It’s exciting to open and fill this position,” said Nathan Hawkins, director of graduate and online admissions. “This position and Roberta in it will provide valuable connections for students and higher education partnerships. As higher education changes, we need to adapt with it, and Roberta is the right person at the right time to lead us in that direction.”    

3/21/2022 10:01:00 AM

Huntington University Arizona is pleased to announce that nine projects from seven HU Arizona students will be included in the Phoenix Film Festival’s Official Selections. This film festival is the largest in Arizona, it is a nationally recognized film event, it has been named one of "The 25 Coolest Film Festivals" and a "Top 50 Worth the Entry Fee" by MovieMaker Magazine.

"I'm so excited to have so much representation from Huntington University at this year's festival. It's a great indicator of the quality production experience that the students are receiving in the Huntington program,” said Jason Carney, Executive Director of the Phoenix Film Foundation. “I'm really proud of the partnership we have cultivated with Huntington and our Peoria Film Festival"

HU Arizona submitted its student's work to the “Arizona Shorts - Made in AZ” category, as each project features local Valley actors and locations ranging from North Phoenix to Old Town Peoria.

“For the last several years, one of our benchmarks has been the Phoenix Film Festival. To see nine of our students’ short films (from live action and animation to documentary) get into the festival speaks volumes. It sends a message to the current and incoming students that when they are given the opportunity to write/direct a piece at HU Arizona, that piece will have a legitimate chance of getting into a major festival. That’s something we really couldn’t say before — it’s huge,” said Phil Wilson, Arizona digital media arts program director. “One student told me that getting into PhxFF had been a dream of theirs since high school — that student now has a short at this year’s festival and is still a sophomore in the program. I’m so happy for him — and all of our students whose work is being screened.” 

Official Selections from HU Arizona include the following:

By Good Rights 
Directed by: Trace Avey

Directed by:
 Julian Martinez Fernandez

Directed by:
 Chloe Caufield

Rocket Science
Directed by:
 Kenny Gondales

Directed by: 
Xander Martin

Directed by:
 Xander Martin

Waves of Emotion
Directed by:
 Sabrina Hirsch

Directed by:
 Pepe Sifuentes 

Directed by: 
Chloe Caufield

3/18/2022 8:23:00 PM

The Haupert Institute for Agricultural Studies at Huntington University is pleased to welcome Chuck Conner, president and CEO of the National Council of Farmer Cooperatives (NCFC), as a guest speaker for a special breakfast event during National Agriculture Week on Thursday, March 24, from 7:30-9:45 a.m. in Habecker Dining Commons.

As the president and CEO of the NCFC, Conner works to promote and protect the business and public policy interests of America’s farmer-owned cooperatives. Conner has accomplished policy work at the state, national, and international level. Before joining the NCFC, Conner served as the Deputy Secretary at the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

This event will be sponsored by the Avis Foundation, Inc., Corteva Agriscience, Farm Credit Mid-America, and Williamson Crop Insurance.

3/17/2022 9:25:00 AM

With the 2022 Broadcast Education Association (BEA) Festival of Media Arts underway, Huntington University has emerged as the top private digital media arts program in the country — for the sixth year in a row. Earning 23 awards total (up four from 2021), the HU digital media arts program ranks third in the nation among both private and public universities. Huntington University also took home a Best of Fest award in the Animation/Experimental/Mixed category.

“Ranking in the top five colleges and universities in the nation now for the 6th year tells me we have something pretty special happening in our film, television and film production programs at HU, both in Indiana and at our HU Arizona center,” said Dr. Lance Clark, dean of the School of the Arts at Huntington University.

With half of the awards earned by HU students and faculty coming from the University’s Indiana location and the other half coming from the Arizona location, it’s clear that the University’s film, television and animation pedigree is strong. The program was founded over a decade ago and has grown to be one of the largest majors for the University. And when looking at the other schools in the top five, Huntington University is clearly the one breaking the mold.

“It really is a David and Goliath modality in terms of university sizes. There are nearly 15,000 undergraduate students at Syracuse [the other private university in the top five], and for our 1,000 headcount at HU, that’s amazing to see how well we compete,” said Clark.

“We’re small but we’re focused,” said Phil Wilson, Arizona digital media arts program director. “Our hands-on curriculum works. Many of the major universities on this list make students wait until they’re juniors to work with cameras. I have freshmen using cameras week one. I tell the students that they will have made at least 100 projects by the time they graduate, and that’s not hyperbole. With that level of productivity, growth happens, and recognition like this happens.”

Huntington University’s award winners include the following:


Student Documentary Competition

Micro-Documentary Category

- Award of Excellence: “Becoming”; Pepe Sifuentes, Huntington University Arizona 


Faculty Film & Video Competition

Commercial or PSA Category

- Best of Competition: Show Trailer: “A Curiouser Nutcracker”; Phil Wilson, Huntington University Arizona

- Award of Excellence: Show Trailer: “Curiouser & Curiouser Too”; Phil Wilson, Huntington University Arizona

Promotional Category

- Best of Competition: “Glenn Frank Music Video”; Matt Webb & Lance Clark, Huntington University

- Award of Excellence: “Gives Day Video – Theaterworks”; Phil Wilson, Huntington University Arizona

- Award of Excellence: “Glenn Frank Promo”; Phil Wilson, Huntington University Arizona


Student Film & Video Competition

Animation/Experimental/Mixed Category

  • 1st Place (Best of Festival): “Cupidella and the Rainbow”; Sean Eitniear, Chloe Jacobson & Kayla Knopp Huntington University
  • Award of Excellence: “Paddle Battle”; Cameron Elliot, Huntington University Arizona

Instructional/Educational Category

  • Award of Excellence: “Spiderman Homecoming Scene Recreation”; Megan Hostetler, Ella Nosek, Jonathan Young, Matt Foutz & Joseph Soundara, Huntington University

Narrative Category

  • 2nd Place: “Rocket Science”; Kenny Gondales, Chris Blackford & Tommy Pascale, Huntington University Arizona
  • 3rd Place (tie): “Scorn”; Xander Williams, Frank Rojas, Alex Kennedy & Emily Bird, Huntington University Arizona
  • 3rd Place (tie): “Toho”; Brady Doorn & Kayla Knopp, Huntington University
  • 3rd Place (tie): “Upside Down”; Anika Sorum, Huntington University Arizona
  • Award of Excellence: “Buried”; Stephen Donley & Carlos Hermosillo, Huntington University
  • Award of Excellence: “Captain”; Rachael Berggren & Jared Weber, Huntington University
  • Award of Excellence: “Standbye”; Pepe Sifuentes, Graham Young, Alex Payan & Tatyana Keller, Huntington University Arizona

Spots Category

  • Award of Excellence: “World Ocean Day”; Sydni Wolpert, Matthew Raman & Nicholas Robinson, Huntington University

Studio Category

  • Award of Excellence: “The Treehouse Christmas Finale”; Brody Bowman & Sam Delagrange, Huntington University


Student Scriptwriting Competition

Short Narrative Film/Half-Hour Television

  • 2nd Place: “Prom Night”; Brody Bowman, Huntington University
  • 3rd Place (tie): “Give No Quarter: Pilot”; Rebekah Karp, Huntington University
  • Award of Excellence: “Jack of All Trades: Science Fair Showdown”; Jared Weber, Huntington University

The Broadcast Education Association is the premier international academic media organization, driving insights, excellence in media production, and career advancement for educators, students and professionals. Over 2,500 professors, students and media professionals are currently individual members, and approximately 275 college and university departments and schools are institutional members. Each year, there are over 1,300 submissions from schools around the world, with only around 22% of entries receiving awards.